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Résumés By Design has been Sacramento’s premier résumé writing service for twenty-six years.  Following a career as search consultant in the new and rapidly growing field of IT, Dan Greitzer launched Résumés By Design in March, 1985.  Since then he has written over 11,000 résumés.  As a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers, Dan helped establish testing and guidelines for professional résumé writer certification. 

Call us for a painless interview appointment.  Whether you’re a CEO or busboy, nurse, sales representative or thinking about changing careers, if you need a résumé, you need Résumés By Design.


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Résumé Dos & Don’ts - Sacramento-Résumé s.com

Generally, the purpose of a Résumé is to elicit responses (invitation to interview), not necessarily to tell your whole story. One page is preferred. Exceptions include academia, science, law. Often, longer, more detailed Résumé s are called curriculum vitaes.

Be sure your Résumé is easy to read. Résumé means summary, not autobiography.  more...

Personal Contact Can Win The Job

Sacramento Bee - Job Market
Sunday, March  

Your Résumé will do the job-search for you if you “nudge” it a bit, says Dan Greitzer of Résumé s By Design, 3830 watt avenue, suite 3.
Greitzer continues: “Whenever I get calls for more copies I know the person isn’t nudging.  These days, competition for jobs is tougher than it was years ago.  Too many people adopt the want ad/blanket Résumé mailing approach to job search.
“It’s really personal contact, charisma that elicits job offers.  It isn’t track record and college degrees.  more...


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